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Communication Scenarios for an Effective Hiring and Management Process

Д-р Анна Мария Яникос

Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos will present simple tips and solutions on how to boost your dental clinic’s efficiency and success.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • How to use communications Scenarios for an effective hiring and management process;
  • Protocols on how to find your A-star employee and not just the BEST candidate;
  • Learn step by step the right interview process;
  • Be ready to solve conflict constructively with a team member;
  • Training process: for how long and what will you teach them;
  • Appraisal: its importance and the way to make it more efficient;
  • Learn when is the right time to fire an employee and the right way to do it smoothly;
  • Scripting: an essential tool to use between your team that will create a calm and relaxing environment for patients and team;
  • How to create your own communication scenarios that reflect the mission and character of your clinic to your staff and patient;
  • The most popular problems that you will face with your staff: find out how to deal with them!

Learning highlights

  • Build Your Team – Step by step explanation on how to get, retain, appraise your A star employee and finally how to build your superior team
  • Learn how to increase practice productivity by implementing basic communication protocols
  • Steps to resolve popular issues with your staff, fast and painlessly.

Активен от: 29/06/2017
Активен до: 29/06/2020

“Communication Scenarios for an Effective Hiring and Management Process” е спонсориран от Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH е акредитиран доставчик на ADA CERP и AGD PACE.


Д-р Анна Мария Яникос

Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos has the unique privilege of being among the few dentist with an MBA diploma and practicing dentistry for more than 26 years. She is a pioneer in the fields of dental laser (among the 2 first woman worldwide with such an academic title) and in aesthetic dentistry. Her Clinical Research about Dental Lasers received a Golden Award in ISLD Congress in Berlin 2006. Furthermore Dr. Yiannikos has 2 Master Degrees, one in Lasers (MSc. 2006) and one in Business Administration (MBA, 2009) and is an Adjunct Faculty Member of the AALZ at RWTH Aachen University Campus.

She is a lecturer for the Master Course “Laser in Dentistry” for the Marketing Module in RWTH AACHEN University Germany and the main lecturer of the innovative dental continues education program Dental Business Administration (DBA). She has established AALZ Cyprus Ltd. Franchise of the AALZ Germany in Cyprus and has been a keynote speaker in many International Congress as well as the representative of Cyprus at the World Federation for Laser Dentistry.

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